Life-Changing Programming, Funded by Generosity

We provide a broad array of employment-related education and workforce development services for people with barriers to employment, including individuals with disabilities, displaced workers, individuals who are recipients of SNAP and TANF, individuals who are experiencing homelessness, youth, older workers, veterans, individuals who have been involved with the justice system, and those with limited work experience, education, and job skills.

Every Dollar Counts

$500 – Helps someone find a new job

$250 – Computer skills to learn how to find a job and navigate a career

$100 – Adult education classes to prepare someone to earn their G.E.D.

$50 – Help high school youth gain summer employment

$30 – Creates a resume for someone seeking a job

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* These are some ideas on how your gift will be used. Your gift may be used for any Goodwill SWPA program.

Your financial support will ensure that Goodwill can provide necessary services to people with barriers to employment so they have ready access to every service that they may need to thrive.